Susan Schreer Davis


My tabby cat, Eggs, just curled up next to me on my bed. As a former dog-lover, her demure presence reminds me that change invades all our lives, all the time. Three months ago you would never have convinced me that I would bring a stray cat home. Yet, here she is, satisfied and loved.

Eggs isn't the only change that's surprised me. No, I lost my first husband to a brain tumor when I was 27. Then spent almost 10 years as a single mom. When my legs grew weak and unsteady - and I felt emotionally off kilter due to a new marriage - I lost my sense of self for a time.

But God rescues souls every day, everywhere. His still, small voice whispers to our hearts as the war wages for our souls. Some tune him out. Others just can't hear. But eternal love is fighting for you and me.

Will you listen for His voice? His song of love restored me. I still struggle and worry, but I hope by His grace, to never give up on that love again.