‚ÄčThe world is changing in ways we never before imagined. Well, maybe achoice few spent time in think tank settings, attempting to prepare for a pandemic, a direct hit by an asteroid, or the sinking of New York City. But for most of us, the idea of our lives shutting down - along with Broadway, movie theaters, restaurants, and schools - was far beyond our mental grasp. Most certainly, mine.

So here we sit, socially distant from our tribes, wondering if we'll ever feel safe shaking hands and hugging again. 

While new and different for us, this is not new or different for God. He is not surprised, taken a back, or wondering where this leads. He knows the plan. Wrote the plan. And has our ultimate rescue in mind.

I don't write that glibly. I write as formerly widowed mom who raised two boys on her own for almost ten years, before learning she had her own neuro-muscular fight to engage. I write as one who spoke with a doctor just this morning who said, "There's probably nothing more I can do to stabilize your foot and ankle." And I also write as one who had her tenth surgery cancelled just three weeks ago and thus, still types with double vision.

And I write as one who still believes that God rescues souls every day, everywhere. His still, small voice is whispering to our hearts even now. Some tune him out. Others just can't hear. But eternal love is fighting for you and me.

Will you listen for His voice? His song of love anchors me and longs to be the hope that leads all of us home.