You’ll get to know Susan when you read her story. You’ll get to know her deeply. You’ll probably find yourself in her story. Susan details some of the normalcy of life that we all live, but then there will be spaces where you won’t be found. For this journey goes to places so intimate, and so sacred that only Susan can know. But this story also goes to places so dark – even into the valley of the shadow of death – that Susan would do anything for you not to know, but should you go there, because one day you just might, Susan tells her story to serve as light blazing through the darkness.

We all have a story. Many of our stories have great pain, and soul piercing disappointment, but to come to embrace our stories, and not run from them, to find wholeness and healing in our stories is one of the greatest victories in life. This is truth worth believing.

You have a story and your story needs to be told. It could be that your story needs to be written, just like Susan’s. But what makes Susan’s story unique is not just that it’s told, or that it’s written down for all the world to see. Susan’s story is so beautifully redemptive because she does not just tell the story, or write the story, she lives her story and she is learning to love it. To love her story. Stories are so much easier told than lived and loved. I trust as you read these words you will be encouraged to live and love the story of your life, just as Susan is living and loving hers. If you need some encouragement, I’ll bet you’ll find it here. Just turn to chapter 1. 


Pastor Craig Bowler
Sanctuary Church
Kennesaw, Georgia

This is a story worth reading. There is great depth in this story, brutal honesty, vulnerable questioning, and places where deep will touch deep and soul will touch soul. This is a story worth reading. 

This story will take you on a journey. It will take you to churches, hospital rooms, rollercoaster rides, and swimming pools. Most stories will take you there. But this journey will take you beneath the hymnal or diagnosis. It will take you to spaces of great intimacy, and loss, and longing, and the desire not to just be well, but to again be made whole, and to fully come home. This is a journey worth taking.

Susan Davis is a friend of mine. Since the moment I met her I was drawn in. There is no one on the planet like Susan. When she enters the room the room transcends, when she sings the heavens open and when she loves, and when she loves wounds heal, hearts mend, and the soul knows it’s worth. Susan Davis is worth knowing.